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Immediate Past President

Photo of Immediate Past President On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Building Officials Association, I am pleased to announce that our association now has a strategic plan to guide its decision making and operations over the coming years.
In developing the Plan, the Board initiated a comprehensive and inclusive outreach process, involving participation from not only the Board, but the members, Chapters and key external stakeholders as well, to answer five key questions:

- Where are we?
- What do we have to work with?
- Where do we want to be?
- How do we get there?
- How do we stay there?

The chart found in the centre-fold of the Strategic Plan 2012 + publication lays out the core of the Plan that was unanimously approved by the Board in August 2011. The core consists of the vision, mission, strategic priorities and strategic goals of the Plan. It reflects what we heard from association members, Chapters and external stakeholders in the consultations conducted in Spring 2011. The unanimous support of the Board demonstrates a strong belief that the Plan sets the stage for OBOA to achieve its full potential and take Ontario's building official profession to the next level.
The Board is committed to ensuring that OBOA Strategic Plan 2012+ is translated into action, and that we make steady progress in the years ahead. On behalf of your Board of Directors, I would like to thank all those who participated in the development of the core of OBOA Strategic Plan 2012+, as well as Frank Nicholson, the consultant involved with the project. The Board and CAO are excited about what lies ahead for the Ontario Building Officials Association.

As OBOA President, I look forward to another year of the OBOA Strategic Plan 2012+ to be front and center as the path to growth and development of this Association. Members can expect to be kept informed of new changes that affect building officials and work together with others.

Thank you for supporting the OBOA.

Mike Seiling, CBCO
Immediate Past President

Mike Seiling, CBCO Telephone: 519-741-2200 Ext. 7669
Immediate Past President Fax: 519-741-2775
Term: 2015-2017 Email: mike.seiling@kitchener.ca
2013 - presentOBOA President
2011-2012OBOA Executive; Vice President
2006-PresentEngineers Architects Building Officials (OBOA Representative)
2005-PresentMember of OBOA Board of Directors
2005-PresentMember of Waterloo Region Chief Building Officials Committee
2004Sponsorship Chair AMTS Host Committee - Kitchener
2000-PresentMinistry of Munisipal Affairs & Housing Course Facilitator
1995-2006MACIC (OBOA Representative)
1998-2003Member of Executive of Wellington Waterloo Chapter OBOA
1995Member of OBOA (CBCO certified)
1988OACETT - Certified Engineering Technologist

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