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Director at large

Photo of Director at large The position of Building Official carries an enormous responsibility, ensuring that the buildings in which people live, work, learn and play are constructed safely. Founded in 1956, the OBOA is a self-governing, not-for-profit association for Building Officials in the Province of Ontario. We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of professionalism in the field of building code enforcement and building safety; while promoting uniform code interpretation and enforcement, through training and education services, and related committee work. This association represents over 2000 members and strives to represent these professionals as well as being committed to maintaining the highest degree of professionalism.

This Board works diligently at representing the membership and promoting these ideals. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve. I recognize the trust that has been placed in me and am excited about serving this Board, and our membership as a whole. I look forward to the challenges that this position has to offer and the growth that it will foster.

In my first year as a member of the Board, I was assigned the portfolios of the Code Review Committee and the Rural Affairs Committee. In the second year of my first term, I was given the responsibility of overseeing the Certification and Maintenance Committees while also retaining the Rural Affairs Committee. During this year I began the revamping of our Certification Program. My second term of office saw me continue overseeing the Certification and Maintenance Committees while also retaining the Rural Affairs Committee. This term saw the completion of the Farm Flip Chart and the continued development of a new Certification Program.

Now in the second half of my third term on the Board, I continue to Chair the Certification and Maintenance Committees. The development of the new Certification Program is nearing completion.

These committees are set up to represent the members. If there are any questions, comments or concerns that you may have in these areas (or any other for that matter), please feel free to contact me. I look forward to serving you, the membership.

Chris Peck, CBCO Telephone: (519) 631-1680
Director at large Fax: (519) 631-2130
Term: 2012 - 2014 Email: cpeck@stthomas.ca
2013-PresentChief Building Official, City of St. Thomas
2009Diploma in Municipal Administration (AMCTO)
2008-PresentOBOA Board of Directors
2008-PresentCRBO certified
2005-2008Chair, Brant County Chapter, OBOA
1999-PresentCBCO certified
1994-1998Secretary, Brant County Chapter, OBOA
1990-PresentMember OBOA
1990-2013City of Brantford Building Department - Senior Plans Examiner

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