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OBOA Membership

Application for Membership
Persons wishing to become a member shall complete the application form and pay the admission fee, in such form and amount as shall be determined from time to time by the board.
Requesting Reinstatement of Past Certified Membership:
Memberships can be reinstated by paying for any unpaid membership dues up until the current membership year. Please call the OBOA office to arrange method of payment for any unpaid membership dues.
Cancellation Policy, Memberships cancelled within 30 days of receiving payment receive a refund less a $75.00 + HST administration fee, Memberships cancelled after 30 days of receiving payment are non-refundable and non-transferable.

To become a member of the OBOA print this faxable Membership Application Form
and forward to the OBOA office Administration at: 905.264.7609
or Apply Online for membership.

The categories of membership in the Association shall consist of the following:
(a) Government Member
(b) Associate Member
(c) Life Member
(d) Student Member
(e) Retired Member
and such other categories as shall be determined from time to time by the board.

Government Member $303.49/year + 13% HST
The board may grant a Government Membership to individuals who develop, administer, apply, interpret and/or enforce building code related statutes for or on behalf of a governmental or regulatory body, including one of the following:
(a) a duly legislated municipality, including those of countries other than Canada,
(b) the Government of Ontario or its ministries, departments or agencies,
(c) the Government of Canada or its ministries, departments or agencies,
(d) Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (or its successor ministry, department or agency).

Associate Members $303.49/year + 13% HST
The Board may grant an Associate Membership to those individuals who are directly or indirectly affected by Building Code regulations and are not otherwise entitled to status as a Government Member or other category of membership.

Life Member
The Board may award a Life Membership to an individual who has consistently through the years rendered meritorious service to the Association. All Past Presidents of the Association shall be awarded Life Memberships.

Student Membership $30.91/year + 13% HST
The Board may grant a Student Membership to an individual who is: (a) enrolled full time in a program of study in Canada relating to the construction of buildings at a recognized post-secondary institution, or (b) enrolled full time at a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada in a program of study relating to building construction, or (c) enrolled full time at a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada in a program that would assist such person in the administration or enforcement of building standards. Note: Proper Student I.D is required.

Retired Member $30.91/year + 13% HST
A Retired Membership may be granted by the Board to an individual who was a Government or Associate Member for a minimum of 10 years, is at least 50 years of age and has given up employment in the building industry. You will receive your OBOA Journal via email, please make sure your email address is up-to-date.

Membership fees are due, January 1st each year and are not pro-rated.

Benefits of Membership

The Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA) offers benefits to individuals, to the building industry and the public.

  1. Reduced rates ($100.00 Savings) on professional development courses offered by the OBOA.
  2. Reduced rates on the Annual Meeting & Training Sessions (AMTS). Opportunity to interact with the Building Industry through the Exhibitor Show.
  3. Opportunities to develop invaluable professional contacts though the national and provincial partnerships maintained through the OBOA.
  4. The OBOA advocates effective legislation that promotes a high standard within the building inspection industry.
  5. Participate in legislative review committees that influence and promote building safety.
  6. Receive the OBOA Journal which focuses on fundamental interests, current and upcoming legislation that is of concern to individuals in the building industry. Available in pdf or hardcopy.
  7. The OBOA certification programs offer professional designations for those individuals in the public and private sectors.
  8. Ability to access Alliance of Canadian Building Officials Association (ACBOA) National Certification program.

Education: OBOA is an active participant in course development and the implementation of building code education courses provincially and nationally.

OBOA administers extensive training courses on specific aspects of the Ontario Building Code that comprise more than four hundred hours of training. Training is currently being offered though our chapter network of twenty-two chapters and though local colleges in Ontario.

OBOA also offers a three day intensive annual training session which highlights the most current issues facing the building industry.

Certification: The certification program offered by the OBOA is the most extensive program of its kind and sets a minimum educational and experiential standard for building officials. The program is recognized by many municipalities as a method of determining competency levels and is often a requirement specified in job qualifications for building department staff.

Internship: This program is intended to assist Municipalities with an Internship Program for Municipal Building Officials. Under this model, current employees will continue to perform their tasks in context of the Regulation under a mentor while new employees will be able to perform certain tasks while completing qualification requirements as set out by the Internship Review Committee. The program is for Building Officials who are members of the OBOA, and who currently do not meet all of the requirements for the Provincial Qualification. This includes a Chief of the fire department of the Municipality that is appointed as a building inspector by the municipal council, and is assigned specific responsibility for the enforcement of any portion of the Code respecting fire safety matters.

Foreign educated and trained applicants will be required to obtain OBOA membership and demonstrate applicable and equivalent-knowledge of Internship application requirements as set out by the Review Committee.

Member Services: Provided to OBOA members. This section is designed to assist our active membership regarding value-added member services and products to OBOA members through a variety of partners with the OBOA Member Services program.

Bulletin Board: The Bulletin Board is a very useful tool in finding answers to various questions you may have and allows members to see how other Building Officials are dealing with various situations. You can search by topic to see if the issue has been discussed or create a new topics for discussion and feedback. It is a great way to see how others are dealing with various interpretations on a particular subject.