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Sunday, Sept. 24th
Shotgun start 8:30 am Golf Tournament – Niagara Parks Whirlpool Golf Course  –  sign up
Choice of the following:
11 am – 5 pm (hours of operation) Whirlpool adventure coursesign up
11 am – 9 pm (hours of operation) Zipline to the Fallssign up
1 – 9 pm OBOA Registration
3 – 7 pm Exhibitor setup and Trade Show View the Exhibitor list 
7 – 9 pm Icebreaker
9 – 11 pm Night Class
Monday, Sept. 25th 
7 am Breakfast
8 am Exhibitor Hall
8:30  – 10 am Opening ceremonies
10:30 am Keynote speaker, Jack Armstrong Read his bio
12:00 pm Lunch – details TBC
1:40 Technical sessions
Title and Speaker Description
Legal Corner – Leo Longo & John Mascarin, Aird and Berlis Legal Update
Fire Dampers – Ken Bell – Engineering Sale Representative with Nailor Industries

John Medeiros – Toronto Sales Manger for Nailor Industries
Life safety damper presentation will include types of dampers, UL rating certifications, installations, and building codes.
Advanced Framing: Optimize your structure – Corey McCambridge, APA Engineered Wood Association This session covers Advanced Framing techniques and details designed to optimize material use and increase energy efficiency. Examples of high-performance wood framed wall assemblies designed to meet effective R-values are shared along with common Advanced Framing details. This session also covers simple techniques and details for engineered wood floor systems. These methods can be applied during the preliminary design stage in order to increase the performance of floor systems while reducing material, labour and waste.
3:30 Site Servicing – Andrew Quattrociocchi, CBO, Township of King This technical session will give participants an depth photographic code presentation relating to site servicing relating to plans review, manholes, special separations, testing requirements, backfill requirements, swabbing and materials.
Law and Order: OBC

Alison Orr, P.Eng., CBCO
Orr Brown Consulting Engineers Ltd.
Marianne Brown, P.Eng., CBCO
Orr Brown Consulting Engineers Ltd.
When there are crimes against the building code, the worst offenders are pursued by building officials. These are their stories.
NFPA 13 – A deep dive – Laura King, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
NFPA’s 13-series standards are complex documents. NFPA regional director Laura King dissects relevant parts of the standards, reviews the standards-development process and recent changes to the standards.
This session will look at rack storage and changes from edition to edition, what’s new (electric sprinklers!), what you need to know about residential sprinklers, and how to navigate accessory units in Ontario.
Participants will review types of sprinklers, NFPA 25, and what building official should look for in commercial inspections.
5:30 – 9 pm Dinner  Greg Frewin Magic Theatre
9:00 pm Night class
Tuesday, Sept. 26th
7 am Breakfast
8:30 – 10:00 am AGM
9:30am – 3pm Student Program  View the Student Agenda
Technical sessions
Title & Speaker Descriptions
10:30 Three unit residential developments – Gerald Moore, President, RSM Building Consultants This session will explore the new provincial changes allowing 3 units as-of-right and will highlight code provisions for types of projects. Comparisons with 2 unit developments will also be discussed.
NFPA 96 – A hot topic – Fire protection of commercial cooking – Laura King, Regional Director, NFPA
What do building inspectors look for in commercial kitchens? How does NFPA 96 apply to hoods, ducts and fire protection systems? What do you need to know about inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements for these types of operations?
This session delves into NFPA 96 to help inspectors understand the scope and purpose of the standard, changes from edition to edition, and best practices.
Welcome to the world of heat pumps – Tom Cates, Designer/Trainer/Consultant, HRAI Come and enjoy this interactive session identifying the different types of heat pumps available in the marketplace today and how they will fit into the green energy plan. Participants will better understand the importance of proper heat pump sizing and selection and how this might affect building performance. Attendees will be introduced to the terminology manufacturers use to describe the performance of these systems and what these metrics represent.
12 pm Lunch
1:40 Technical sessions
Title and Speaker Description
Lithium-ion and Energy Storage: Reward vs. Risk – Laura King, Regional Director, NFPA
Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere, from e-bikes on urban street corners to massive energy storage systems that support electrical grids. They’re also fragile, and any electrical, thermal, or mechanical abuse can initiate thermal runaway, resulting in fire, explosion, injury and death.
Energy storage systems provide clean, low-cost, long-duration sources of energy, but they also present significant life-safety hazards – and they’re found in every municipality.
NFPA 855, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems, is a best practice for municipalities concerning the the installation and maintenance of ESS, and emergency response to incidents involving lithium-ion batteries.
This interactive session provides resources for municipalities to deal with lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems, educational resources, and access to free online training.
There are lots of cool videos too!
Framing it Right/ Fire-rated rim board – Corey McCambridge, APA
Frame it Right: This session discusses common wood construction framing errors found in today’s commercial and 4-6 storey projects. The consequences of these framing mistakes are examined from the ground up, providing practical solutions for avoiding typical issues using APA’s resources as a guide. 
We will also explore Fire Rated Rim Boards as we walk through the APA publication D350 to provide clarity with allowances and requirements for detailing including when and where they should be used.
CSA Standards A277, Z250, and Z252 for Prefabricated Buildings and Modular High-Rise Construction
Laurie Robert, Modular Construction Professional
An overview of CSA standards for modular high-rise construction including the newly published CSA Z252 Volumetric modular construction – Guide to compliance and approval processes and CSA A277 Procedure for certification of prefabricated buildings, modules, and panels and CSA Z250 Process for delivery of volumetric modular buildings
3:30 Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection Systems and Life Safety Systems (CAN/ULC S1001)– Fire Consulting Services (FCS) –

Michele Farley, President, FCS Fire Consulting Services Ltd.
Tom Marchese, P.Eng., FCS Fire Consulting Services Ltd.
Tess Espejo – Program Manager Codes and Regulatory Services (CARS)
The Fire Code is complex and ever evolving. As technology evolves and life safety systems become more complex, building and fire codes need to change along with them to make buildings safer. This session will discuss one of these recent code changes which mark a major milestone in building safety right from the commissioning stage – CAN/ULC S1001 – Standard for Integrated Systems Testing. Hear real life, practical examples of anomalies of systems commissioned and working independently but failing to work in an integrated manner in emergency situations and how this standard address these anomalies. The session will be rounded out by an interactive Q&A with the panel to engage the audience with a variety of perspectives on the S1001- Integrated Systems Testing Standard
Commercial Plumbing (Part 3 Buildings) – Andrew Quattrociocchi This technical session will give participants an depth photographic code presentation relating to Oil/Grease interceptors, food premises, circuit venting, vent stacks, premise isolation and so much more.
OBC Changes to Energy Efficiency – Laura Elliott, RSM Building Consultants As we look toward sweeping changes that are happening to the energy efficiency requirements in the Ontario Building Code this session will explore the provisions in the OBC as we move to become consistent with the National Building Code
5:30 pm Free night
9:00 pm Night class
Wednesday, Sept. 27th
7 am Breakfast
Technical Sessions
Title and Speaker Description
8:30 The Ontario Seismic Landscape

Yanick Dussault – Gripple Territory Manager-Ontario
Francois L’Heureux, DSI Engineering
Eshan Dhannoo, Gripple
Sagar Jadhav, Gripple
This session will investigate the seismic landscape in Ontario while considering detailed definition of what projects and locations require seismic bracing. The session will also investigate the decision-making process from conception the installation and will also discuss installation methods including traditional rigid & cables.
National Code Compliance service by CCMC – David Beauchamp, B.Sc., Manufacturer Services Officer / Quality Coordinator Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) The Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC)’s David Beauchamp will provide a presentation on the Centre’s National Code compliance service, including its new publicly available evaluation format, a look at the CCMC Technical Guide and CCMC requirements for Auger-installed Helical Steel Piles, and how the CCMC approaches alternative solutions for innovative products, with several examples.
Safety for Building Officials – Doug McCormick, CHSO – Director of Training, Canadian Safety Group This technical session will explore safety for Building Officials and touch on hazard awareness, training standards for building inspectors, and recognition of unsafe work practices.
10:30 Radon Control Options for New and Existing Buildings
Rasheed Sulman, Regional Radiation Specialist – Health Canada
Pam Warkentin, Executive Director of CARST (Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists)
Radon gas is the leading cause of lung cancer for people who live in non-smoking households. Homes with high radon levels are found all across Canada, even in regions where radon is typically low. Over the past couple of decades, multiple measures to reduce radon levels have been developed with some already being adopted into the various building codes across Canada. This provides builders several radon control options during construction to protect buildings from radon gas infiltration from the ground. The Canadian-National Radon Proficiency Program along with Health Canada will present an overview of these radon control options, available for both new and existing buildings. Specifics on each control option and its components will be presented along with how they may be identified. A specific emphasis will be placed on best practices to avoid the potential future failure of a radon control system following construction. Current radon standards and the building code will be compared in light of recent results from research on radon levels across Canada. This session aims to raise discussion among industry professionals and provide an opportunity to answer questions on the hazards and mitigation of radon gas.
Integrated Information Systems – George Lykoudis, Direct IT Learn about the benefits and future of Integrated Information Systems.
Fire related by CASA 
– Daniel Beck – Ontario Regional Manager
– Matt Osburn – Vice President of Codes & Standards
12 pm Lunch – details TBC
Technical sessions
Title and Speaker Description
1:40 Firestopping 101 – Bill McHugh, FCIA (Firestop Contractors International Association)
Just ask a building occupant…do you know what sprinklers are? Detection and alarm systems? SURE, is the response.  Ask if the occupants know what fire-resistance is —- and a blank stare results.  What’s that??
Fire-resistance seems to be one of those disciplines that is forgotten both in new construction and existing buildings.  This technical session focuses on the basics of fire-resistance and firestopping through understanding fire-test methods used in Canada. We’ll look at listings and analize systems.  In the listings, we’ll focus on how and where collars are used, and mounted for plastic pipes.   We’ll look at what the fine print says.  Pictures tell a thousand words, and this session has the good, bad, the ugly to look for when it comes to firestopping and fire-resistance.  
3:30 MMAH Updates 

Mansoor Mahmood, Director – Building and Development Branch
James Ross, Manager – Building Code Policy Development Unit
Chetan Mistry, Manager – Building Services Transformation Unit
Andrea Taylor, Counsel – Municipal Law Section
Cengiz Kahramanoglu, Manager – Code Development and Advisory Services Unit
The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing staff will provide updates on policy and code changes.
5:30 – 9 pm President’s dinner Guest Sponsors include:
OHBA (Ontario Home Builders Association)

CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
OGCA (Ontario General Contractors Association)
9:30 – 11 pm Night Class