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1. Ted Allen - Ontario Building Officials Association Court Proceedings
Supporting Documents:Inspection Sheet | Parking Notes | Property Standards Order | VOIR DIRE | Cases
2. Debbie Kirwin - Building an Accessible Ontario by 2025
Supporting Documents:ODA "Disability Act" & AODA "Accessibility Act"
3. David Brezer, Viviana Zothner-Cotic - Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing - Building Code Update
4. Alan Cavers - Overview of ULC Standards Affecting Building Occupancy
5. Ted Kantrowitz - Helping Renewable Energy In Canada, Helping Municipal Inspectors in Their Communities
6. Rico Fung - Portland-limestone Cement A Brief Overview - Saving Energy and Reducing Emissions
Supporting Documents:Concrete Slab Surface Defects - Causes, Prevention, Repair | Backgrounder, Portland-Limestone Cement
7. Leo Longo - Liability Reform and More and More!
8. John Mascarin - Case Law Round-Up
9. Bob Mercer - Gypsum Firewalls and Other Gypsum Board Construction Facts
Supporting Documents:Inclusion of Current Firewall Requirements
10. James Farrow - Drawing Coordination, Shop Drawings, and Complete Building Permit Applications
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