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"Sessions are provided by presenters and the content of the presentations are not the opinion of the OBOA"

If you do not see what you are looking for email request to it@oboa.on.ca

Quick Links:
Innovative Compliance Paths, SB-12 Building Science and Spray Foam - Paul Duffy
Building Code Act & Case Law Current Updates and Interesting Facts - Ted Allen
Midrise Construction - Steven Street
Technology Assessments the Ontario LEEP pilot - James Glouchkow
Combustible Construction - Randel Brown
OBC SB-10 Update, The OAA Perspective - Stephen Kemp
Solar Panel Installations,(Handouts) - Mark Boyd
Limitation as to When a Building Code Act Charge may be Laid? - Leo F. Longo
Nutrient Management Act and Regulation 267/03 - Richard Brunke P.Eng
10 Confirming building classification during occupancy - Susan Clarke, P.Eng., MBA
11 Design and Construction of Farm Buildings - Steven Adema, P.Eng
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