November 25, 2019, Vaughan, Ont. – The Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA) released, today, a report titled The OBOA Solution, in response to a proposal from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to create a new DAA (delegated administrative authority) to regulate the province’s building industry.

“After reviewing the Ministry’s proposal and attending the consultation sessions, we’re not convinced that there is enough evidence to justify the creation of a new DAA,” says Matt Farrell, past president of the OBOA. “This would add another layer of bureaucracy to an already costly and complex system and we think that municipalities and our sector partners need to hear further information about how this will benefit everyone”.

The OBOA Solution outlines the long-standing service delivery that the organization and its stakeholders have been providing to Ontario’s building industry. The OBOA delivers 90% of the training for building officials in the province, along with its partner, George Brown College. Under The OBOA Solution, there would be increased professionalism throughout the building official community by granting the Association formal certification responsibilities, requiring mandatory membership and continuing the high level of training that is delivered by experienced building officials across the sector.

“It’s a simple solution,” says Farrell. “While the OBOA supports the goal to harmonize construction codes nationally, improve consistency and raise the professionalism of the building industry, a new DAA will likely create more red tape. Making the building code more user friendly and maintaining public trust in the system, especially when a high level of growth is on the horizon, should be higher on their priority list.”

The OBOA Solution proposes a co-regulatory role, where the OBOA will work with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and others expert stakeholders, to develop and propose amendments to Ontario’s Building Code as the building industry continues to grow.

Click here to read a copy of The OBOA Solution.  

About the OBOA: Founded in 1956, the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA) supports the construction of safer, more sustainable and accessible buildings in Ontario. The OBOA delivers training and certification to Building officials, promotes uniform code application, works with industry partners, and policy makers with a goal to advance the Building Official profession.


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