The AMTS 2020 is a go and completely virtual this year!

Due to the current state of emergency, all large events have been cancelled for public safety reasons. But we know how much building professionals look forward to the AMTS every year. That’s why we decided it to move ahead with a virtual conference this Fall.

The Virtual AMTS 2020 includes informative sessions led by qualified instructors via Zoom. Attendees can create an Avatar and connect with colleagues via the OBOA Virtual Private Campus, and interact via the AMTS App. As in past years, the conference will include a trade show, speakers, a keynote address, 24 technical sessions, special seminars, awards, games, prizes and even entertainment.

The Virtual AMTS 2020 will be hosted on the OBOA Virtual Private Campus, from Sunday, September 27th – Friday October 2nd. 

After the core AMTS, a series of monthly seminars running from October until the spring of 2021 will be available for AMTS registrants. These seminars will focus on the theme of digital infrastructure in municipalities.  We anticipate engaging with technology companies, municipalities, the Province of Ontario, AMO, other provinces and several building industry players and associations to offer leading edge programming throughout the year.


View details and register today!