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Energy Efficiency Design Summary Form (REVISED) (Part 9 Residential)

Energy Efficiency Design Summary Form (REVISED) (Part 9 Residential)

Published: 2014-01-01,  

Attached are the most recent and latest edition of the energy efficiency design Summary for Part 9 residential, created in consultation with OHBA, Ministry and Building Officials. The previous EEDS Form dated Feb 6, 2012 are outdated and are replaced with the April 23, 2012 version as they received se minor revised forms. For example some of the minor revisions include;

The April 23rd revision contains a number of subtle changes including:

  • Reference to the Builder Option Package form under the EnergyStar option box,
  • The removal of the % sign after % windows +___,
  • A note that the RE rating for HRV’s is at 0 degrees,
  • A change on the EnergyStar performance design verification line.
  • Additionally, there was a change in the guide on the back of the form to better clarify the requirement for a blower door test.

  • The intent of the form is to capture information which would be contained in the design documents and specifications which form part of the permit submission. Since the form is not intended to replace information shown elsewhere, it was felt that a formal declaration was not needed and merely cross-referencing with the designer name would suffice (in most instances the designer information would be the same as that shown on the permit application form). A place on the form is also included for the Mechanical drawing designers name (again for cross-referencing purposes). While not implicit, the person filling out the form should have a reasonable understanding of the information being requested to ensure it accurately reflects the information on the drawings and specifications. For instance, the mechanical design of a building could be impacted even when choosing a slightly different option path under the prescriptive method; therefore it is important that the information being captured from both the Architectural and Mechanical documents is consistent. The Guide on the reverse side of the form also provides some additional information on completing the form.

    When updating your Building Bylaws, municipalities may want to consider including the Energy Efficiency Design Summary Matrix as part of the documentation requirements for permit application submissions (please refer to the Complete Application Best Practice Guide).

    Dave Potter & Tim Benedict,

    OBOA Representatives

    OHBA / LMCBO / OBOA / MMAH Working Committee

    The revised form is available as a PDF: (download)

    Microsoft Word Document to incorporate Municipal Branding (download) - zip file


Electronic PDF: (download)

New Residential Occupancy Permit - Best Practices

A joint LMCBO/OBOA Working Group, along with MMAH participation, has released a suite of "Best Practice" documents with regard to the new requirement for Occupancy Permits in residential construction. The documents provide sample inspection checklists, permit format and explanatory materials that may be used to support the creation of such materials in individual municipalities. Please take the time to review the sample materials and determine if they may assist your departments creation of required Occupancy Permit resources.

Attachments below:
  • Best Practice Summary (Nov 28) (download) - zip file
  • Occupancy Requirements for Houses Checklist (download) - zip file
  • Final occupancy permit sample Revision 7 (download) - zip file
  • Occupancy Permit Info Sheet (download) - zip file
  • Residential Occupancy Permit Checklist (2) (download) - zip file