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On behalf of the Ontario Building Officials Association and our 1900 members, I would like to welcome you into our community. I invite you to learn about the vital role building official’s play in ensuring you live, work and play in safe buildings.

Our Association has a spirited history built not only by past leaders but also by the active participation of its members. This impassioned group is small enough to be recognized as a community but demonstrates a level of knowledge and professionalism that rival all other public protection bodies.

We are an association on the move. In recent years, we have achieved many successes in the development and delivery of our own educational platform and have built strong relationships throughout the building industry. There are challenges to be faced as our role becomes more complex and demanding but our members have the tenacity to overcome any obstacle.

We welcome the next generation of building officials into our community and have confidence that they will thrive in their new roles as guardians of building safety.

Matt Farrel, CBCO

President, OBOA Board of Directors
Township of Huron-Kinloss

Matt Farrell, President

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As a grassroots-focused organization, our Board proudly represents all regions of Ontario.

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