OBOA Awards

Celebrating outstanding achievements

OBOA Awards

Celebrating outstanding achievements

Gold standards for a better built Ontario.

For more than 48 years, extraordinary Building Professionals across Ontario have earned the distinction of being OBOA award recipients by providing outstanding career service that has made a gold standard impact on their municipality, the OBOA and our industry. We invite you to help us applaud OBOA members and industry professionals for their contributions to a better built Ontario.

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OBOA Awards winners gallery

Winners Gallery


Life Membership


For contributing many years of exceptional service to the OBOA.

2018 Winner

Mike Seiling, CET, CBCO

Mike Seiling is the Director of Building & Chief Building Official (CBO) for the City of Kitchener and a Past President of the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA). Mike has made significant contributions to the OBOA and the Building Official profession starting in 2005 when he joined the OBOA Board to represent Region D to when he left the Board as Past President in 2017. In 2018 Mike was also awarded the Andy Kidd President’s Award in appreciation for work beyond his presidential duties. During his 2-year term as President Mike worked tirelessly to improve industry relations with municipalities and partner organizations. We are grateful for Mike’s leadership in improving OBOA financial sustainability, expanding the OBOA training portfolio, and cultivating better communication with members and industry stake holders.

Awarded for remarkable dedication and impact.


2017David Potter, CBCO
2016Leo Cusumano - City of Mississauga
2015Ken Andrus - Municipality of Port Hope
2014Dean Findlay - City of Peterborough
2012Lynn Balfour
2010J.T. Hewitson
2008John DeVries
2007Don Tedford
2006Leo Grellette
2004Ronald Kolbe
2002Brian Horsman
2000Tony Chow
1997Garry Davis
1995Peter Finn | R.K (Bud) Watson
1994Syl Allard
1992Denis Petry
1990Bill Henderson
1989Tom Powdrill
1987Christos Spanis
1984Keith Cowan
1983Cy Bingham
1981George Fleming
1980 Bill Hewitson
1979Gerry Bilous
1977W. R. Hamilton
1975Magnus Mitchell
1970George Anderson
1969Roy McNicol
1969Lou Vaughan
1969Bert Lambert
1969 Ian Hardy


Andy Kidd President’s Award


For providing outstanding career service to the OBOA and our members.

2018 Winner

Mike Seiling, CET, CBCO

Mike Seiling is the Director of Building & Chief Building Official (CBO) for the City of Kitchener and a Past President of the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA). Mike has made significant contributions to the OBOA and the Building Official profession starting in 2005. In 2018 Mike was also awarded the OBOA Life Membership Award in appreciation for his work as OBOA President.

Throughout his years of service, Mike held the board portfolios of President, Internship Chair, Awards Chair, Corporate Fundraising Chair and Government Relations Chair. During his 2-year term as President Mike worked tirelessly to improve industry relations with municipalities and partner organizations. We are grateful for Mike’s leadership in improving OBOA financial sustainability, expanding the OBOA training portfolio, and cultivating better communication with members and industry stake holders.


The award is named after Andy Kidd who was a City of Kitchener Plan Examiner for 20 years. Unfortunately Andy died from a sudden illness in 1985, and 6 months short of his retirement. Andy was well liked by his peers, a straight shooter and mentored a number of staff including Laurier Proulx. In a recent interview with Laurier, he recalled a few stories including Laurier’s first few weeks as a young and new building official performing plan review on houses. Fortunately for Laurier, his mentor was a self taught, forthright person who completed ICI plan examinations, his name was Andy Kidd.

When Laurier was recalling stories of Andy, there was a pause by Laurier and then a huge smile on his face, Laurier went on to say “Andy was enthusiastic; this was the salesperson in Andy”. Andy was OBOA President from 1982 till 1984 and represented OBOA on the original Materials Evaluation Code Interpretation Committee, also known as MACIC.

Back in the mid-1980’s, a popular and strategic trait of Andy’s when faced with conflicting code opinions was to hold three meetings with the customer. The first meeting Andy would say to the customer it can’t be done, the answer is NO, the second meeting he would show the customer that possibly we can work this technical issue out and finally at the third meeting Andy would complete the final negotiations and hammer out an acceptable and agreeable solution.

It’s not hard to figure out Andy Kidd was extremely successful, he had drive, he enjoyed doing what he did best, he used strategy to reach key objectives, he was a mentor to the next generation of building officials and he was well respected by his peers.


2016Leo Cusumano City of Mississauga
2014Dean Findlay City of Peterborough
2012Lynn Balfour Richmond Hill Ontario
2010J. T. HewitsonBurlington Ontario
2008John DeVriesRichmond Hill Ontario
2006Leo GrelletteVaughan Ontario
2004Ronald Kolbe Oro-Medonte Ontario
2002Brian HorsmanNorth Bay Ontario
2001Dan MousseauBurlington Ontario
1999Yaman Uzumeri Toronto Ontario
1998Tony Chow Etobicoke Ontario
1997Garry DavisOakville Ontario
1996Don LivingstonToronto Ontario
1995Peter FinnOmemee Ontario
1994Gord AllisonBarrie Ontario
1993Terry WillingKingston Ontario
1992Syl Allard Sault Ste. Marie Ontario
1991Denis PetryCornwall Ontario
1990Ray WeidoMilton Ontario
1989Tom & June Powdrill Lakefield Ontario
1988Kenneth Turner London Ontario
1987Christos SpanisBarrie Ontario
1986George Korz Hamilton Ontario


Don Beam Codes and Standards Award

(Members and Non-Members)

For untiring dedication and devotion to codes and standards and safety.

2015 Winner

Al Peach
Windsor, Ontario


This award is named after Mr. Don Beam a lifelong resident of Beamsville, Ontario. He started his career as a building official before moving to the private sector in the steel industry representing the Canadian Institute for Steel Construction. Don was very active in the area of building code training which has benefited the association greatly. He was also very prominent in the administration of this association through his presence and Chairing of the OBOA Annual General Meeting in the 1980’s.

  • Member or Non-Member of the OBOA
  • A person who has made a significant contribution to the OBOA through codes & standards or education training
  • Not necessarily awarded every year.


2015Al PeachWindsor Ontario
2010James Harmer Township of East Zorra-Tavistock
2008Jacques GirouardMinistry of Municipal Affairs & Housing
2007Jim WitmerCity of Kitchene
2003Ken BoschoffAssociation of Municipalities of Ontario
2002Michael D. Ludolph George Brown College
2001David WatsonMinistry of Municipal Affairs & Housing
1998Ali ArlaniMinistry of Municipal Affairs & Housing
1990David HodgsonMinistry of Housing
1986Lou VaughanConsulting Fire Protection Engineer


Bill Henderson Outstanding Service Award

(Members and Non-Members)

For honesty and integrity of service to the OBOA.

2018 Winner

Greg Trizisky – CBCO, CRBO, CPSO, WETT

This award is presented posthumously to Greg Trizisky with grateful appreciation for his outstanding service, tremendous leadership skills, passion, self-sacrifice and dedication for the advancement of the Building Official profession and the OBOA. He will be greatly missed.

Greg started his career in Port Hope and demonstrated exceptional commitment and loyalty from day one. Greg got involved with the Golden Triangle Chapter at the executive level when he joined the chapter executive in 2009 and continued contributing in this capacity until December 2016. This included serving as the Chapter Chair from 2012-2016, the Co-chair of the OBOA 2016 AMTS and leading his chapter to the receipt of multiple OBOA Chapter of the Year awards. Greg was a huge proponent of the chapter system as he felt the OBOA works best when members are represented locally and change happens from the bottom up.

Greg was a vital part of the launching of OBOA private training courses. He assisted in all aspects from writing questions, taking sample exams and more importantly encouraging numerous others within his sphere of influence to help as well.

During Greg’s tenure as the Golden Triangle executive he helped steer and lead the chapter into its current model – a chapter with several subcommittees that meet regularly, offer training courses in the region, book meetings and presenters up to two years in advance, and actively encourage networking, communication and self-awareness of responsibility to local charities and the Building Official profession.

He was a great marketer, often called the “King of Swag” by his peers for his love of embedding the Golden Triangle Logo on all kinds of items in efforts to promote his chapter.

The Bill Henderson Award is the most prestigious award any OBOA member can attain as they have mirrored his professionalism and dedication while accepting a continuing legacy to participate and further the professional aims and objectives of Building Officials and the OBOA.

  • Member or Non-Member of the OBOA
  • A person with proven leadership skills, passion, self-sacrifice and dedication for the advancement of this Association
  • She/he will have a positive track record
  • Not necessarily awarded every year
  • Cannot receive this award multiple times

This award is named after Bill Henderson, who started his Municipal career with the City of Toronto. In 1965 Bill came to the former City of Scarborough from the City of Toronto along with George Fleming. Bill assumed the role of Director of Administration under George who was the new Commissioner of Building. Bill progressed through the ranks in Scarborough, and attained the position of Director of Inspections from which he retired in 1987.

Bill was President of the OBOA from 1984 to 1987 when the term was 1 year at a time. Bill realized at that time the OBOA needed to be reflective of all building officials in Ontario regardless of Municipal size and Bill worked tirelessly to unite various fractured groups. Past President Garry Davis considers this point in time to be the turning point of what OBOA and its membership is today.

Bill was a founding member of MITEC (Municipal Inspectors Training and Education Committee) which in partnership with MMAH commenced the development of the Building Code and Building Code Act courses which we enjoy to-day.

Bill always remained loyal and interactive with Building Officials and the OBOA even after retirement. Bill was a willing mentor to those who were interested in his experiences including discussions over the future direction of OBOA and professionalism of the Building Official.

Bill continued facilitating the Legal Processes courses long after retirement and many participants would tell you he was one of the best legal facilitators OBOA ever had. He often remarked facilitating was competing with his retirement.

Bill never lost his love and dedication for OBOA. Bill was often referred to as the conscience of the association never missing a business meeting and was always prepared to be at the podium.

Bill embodied what a Building Official could be; should be; and was often envied but most importantly respected for. When Bill Henderson spoke, you listened.


2016Janice NewsomeTown of Hearst
2016Building Code Services BranchCity of Ottawa
2016Host CommitteeGolden Triangle Chapter
2015Departments and StaffSheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
2015City of MississaugaBuilding Services Division
2015City of Toronto- Building Services Division
2014Scott JibbTownship of Hamilton
2014Building Services Division Township of Hamilton
2014Building and DevelopmentCity Of St. Catharines
2013Bill PlewesTown of Collingwood
2009Raymond HachigianTownship of the Archipelago
2008Keith GlazeDundas Ontario
2008Stu HumphreyLondon Ontario
2005Colin Bird -Kenora Ontario
2003Christopher WilliamsAird & Berlis
2002Willy WongMississauga, Ontario
2001Don Tedford Hanover Ontario
2000Reg McCurdyFoxboro Ontario
1999Tony KrimmerWaterloo Ontario
1998Rocky CerminaraLondon Ontario
1997Leo LongoAird & Berlis
1997Roy E. Booth Coldwater Ontario


Yaman Uzumeri Excellence Award

(Members and Non-Members)

For the exceptional contribution and devotion to the building regulatory industry and furthering of the professional excellence of the industry.

2015 Winner

Tim Moore City of Markham


In honour and recognition of Yaman Uzumeri upon his retirement from the City of Toronto for his continued contribution to the building regulatory industry at the international level, this award is dedicated. Awarded, at the international, national or provincial level, to an individual, a Corporation or an Association whose continued contribution and devotion to the building regulatory industry has furthered the professional excellence of the industry as a whole.


2015Tim Moore City of Markham
2014Plan. and Dev. Services Department Mun. of Port Hope
2013Building Permit & Insp. Ser. DeptCity of Oshawa
2010Arlene GregoireCity of Ottawa
2009Leo LongoArid & Berli
2008Douglas LucianiPresident Canadian Welding Bureau
2007Wally Bailey President International Code Council
2006The Honourable MinisterMr. John Gerretsen
2005Canadian Welding Bureau
2003International Code Council
2001Ontario Association of Architects


Bill Davis Ontario Merit Award


For provincial ministry or government agency employees who support the advancement of Building Official or construction industry goals.

2018 Winner

John Johnson
P.Eng. Port Stanley

John was hired fulltime in early 1977 and worked the next 32 years for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs until he retired in 2009. Specializing in structural design, his duties included working with the OBOA to standardize and improve information and to promote the proper construction of Farm Buildings. John served as the Ministry liaison with farm building contractors, Chief Building Officials, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Office of the Fire Marshal on farm building issues. He made a tremendous contribution throughout his years of service, authoring numerous factsheets and articles on various construction topics related to farm building design, repair and safety and presenting on these subjects. John travelled to many OBOA chapter and educational meetings, and, in concert with Buildings Branch, MMAH, incorporated new sections into the Ontario Building Code pertaining to farm buildings.

The OBOA enjoys a professional working relationship with Ministry staff at all levels and important topics such as advocacy and education/training. This award is to recognize and formally affirm that this Association welcomes and appreciates this relationship and looks forward to future working relations.

Prior to the creation of this new award, it was customary for a Ministry staff person to be recognized with a Special Recognition Certificate at the OBOA Annual Meeting and Training Sessions.

  • Member of a Provincial Ministry or Government agency or affiliate such as NRC
  • Cannot receive this award multiple time
  • A person who has furthered the aims and objectives of Building Officials and the industry as a whole
  • Not necessarily awarded every year

The Bill Davis, Ontario Merit Award was created in 2011 to demonstrate the respect and appreciation provincial building officials have for Ministry staff (elected or non-elected) where s/he has furthered the aims and objectives of Ontario Building Officials or the construction industry as a whole.

Bill Davis was a member of the Ontario legislature from 1962-1971 including Minister of Education and the Premier of Ontario from 1971-1985. The OBOA is very fortunate and thrilled to have an award named in honour of Bill Davis, a respected person, politician and proven leader.

The first Ontario Building Code was the result of an exhaustive study titled “Report of the Committee on Uniform Building Standards for Ontario” dated November 1969. On February 21, 1968, the Minister of Municipal Affairs, the Honourable W. Darcy McKeough while in the legislature outlined steps the government was prepared to take in considering a standard building code for the Province of Ontario. A few months later in the same year, Minister McKeough announced the establishment of a Committee on Uniform Building Standards for Ontario, the Committee being composed of individuals who were knowledgeable and experienced about buildings and building by-laws to examine all essential facets of uniform building standards.

The Objectives of the Committee included whether a building code for Ontario was feasible, applying to all municipalities to promote and support uniform and effective enforcement and interpretation of the code in all municipalities of the province. Additional objectives included reviewing existing provincial acts, regulations and department policies and how can they be dealt with effectively. Finally the Province of Ontario will have a code that is rational in its requirements, free of provisions that lack a base in fact or proof, capable of enforcement without development of a rigid or insensitive bureaucracy; one that is administered in a manner that allows the public ready methods of appeal as to content and enforcement and that is capable of regular up-dating through efficient revision procedures.

A final report titled “Report of the Committee on Uniform Building Standards for Ontario” dated November 1969 consisting of 127 pages was received and approved by the Government. Experienced industry people including building officials like Don Tedford continue to remember this report as it was well known as the Carruthers Report, Chaired by C.D. Carruthers, P.Eng., a Consultant and member of the National Building Code. There were eleven Committee members including three Building Officials; G.H. Fleming (Scarborough), J.G. Hooper (Peterborough) and I.R Robertson (Hamilton and Past President of the OBOA).

Under the leadership of Bill Davis, Premier of Ontario, the government accepted the Carruthers Report and created the very first inaugural Ontario Building Code (1975). Ironically the 1975 Ontario Building Code was enacted with an effective date of March 1, 1976. Additional points and history of the 1975 Ontario Building Code reveals the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations (MCCR) was the first home for the code with Mr. Graham Adam, MCCR Director.
The MCCR home for the Ontario Building Code (OBC) was short lived, after one year the OBC moved to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH). MMAH was a better fit for the OBC because MCCR was set up for hearing consumer complaints and more importantly for building officials, there were no training opportunities under this portfolio. The first Director of the Building’s Branch within MMAH was Mr. Dave Hodgson, a former Clerk in the Hamilton area.
After a few short years the Ministry of Affairs and Housing split creating two Ministries; Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Ministry of Housing. The OBC was relocated to Ministry of Housing and this explains how some older Ministry documents reference Housing only; the Cadbury secret! The splitting of MMAH into two Ministries was short lived as well, lasting only a couple of years. Both Ministries were rejoined to form the MMAH we know and enjoy today.

Prior to the OBC, construction regulations were enacted to varying standards, spurring inconsistencies throughout the Province and very different from the present enforcement. Pre-Ontario Building Code, many municipalities across Canada passed a By-Law (Building) to prescribe what edition and revision of the National Building Code would apply for minimum code requirements, assuming those adopted the entire National Code. The passing of By-Laws by each municipality created uncertainty in the construction industry and thus defeating the objective of uniformity.

In retrospect, where would Building Officials be today if not for the Carruthers Report and the adoption of Ontarios’ first Building Code? Further how different would the OBOA (est. 1956) function and purpose be today without a Provincial Building Code? Looking back at the goals and objectives of the Carruthers Report, OBOA continues to support these initiatives while working with and advocating Ministry staff.


2014John GerretsenMMAH
2013John GryffynMMAH
2012Jeff LevittToronto Ontario
2011Michael DeLintToronto Ontario


Tom Powdrill Chapter Of The Year Award


For OBOA Chapters who demonstrate a dedication to professional development by proactively hosting educational courses and seminars.

2018 Winner

Liftlock Chapter

In memory of Tom Powdrill, Executive Secretary/Treasurer 1983 to 1993, whose contribution and devotion to the OBOA was an inspiration to all. Awarded to an OBOA Chapter that has fulfilled all of their OBOA Chapter duties in a timely manner and has demonstrated proactive participation in furthering the aims and objectives of the OBOA by hosting educational courses and seminars.


2017Northern Lights Chapter
2016Golden Triangle Chapter
2015Liftlock Chapter
2015Simcoe County & District Chapter
2014Janice Newsome - Boreal Chapter
2013Ed Picco - Northern Lights Chapter
2012Bluewater Chapter
2011Southwestern Chapter
2010Pine Ridge Chapter
2009GTA Chapter
2008Wellington Waterloo & District Chapter
2007Brant County Chapter
2006Pine Ridge Chapter
2005Brant County Chapter
2004Southwestern Chapter
2003Sunset Country Chapter
2002Grey/Bruce Chapter
2001Golden Triangle Chapter
2000Brant County Chapter
1999Northern Lights Chapter
1998Grey/Bruce Chapter
1997Wellington Chapter


Special Recognition Award

(Members and Non-Members)

For an individual who has gone above and beyond to advance the goals of the OBOA and the construction industry.

2017 Winner

Dwayne Crawford

Presented to an Association or Individual that has, in the judgement of the OBOA Board, furthered the aims and objectives of Building Officials and the industry as a whole.



2017Dwane Crawford
2016Joan DeVries
2016Kristina Kelly
2016Marianne Brown - Orr Brown Consulting Engineers Ltd
2016Alison - Orr Brown Consulting Engineers Ltd
2015John Mignardi - City of Toronto
2015Dan Dale - Town of Aylmer
2014Lisa Rogers - Committee Volunteers
2014Mike Speziale - IPEX
2013Bobbi Lovering - Township of Oro-Medonte
2013Kevin Mayville - City of Windsor
2012Ted Allen - Supervising Prosecutor Region of York
2012Brie-Anne Horsman - OBOA Conference -Volunteer
2012Doug Tarry - OHBA
2011Danny Hui - MMAH
2011Kelly Smith - City of Orillia
2011Southwestern Chapter
2011Lorraine Neal - OBOA Conference - Companions Program
2010Ralph Palumbo - Pathway Group
2009Lale Kustu - MMAH
2009Phil Gerrard - Township of North Grenville
2009Bob Mercer - CGC
2009Mike Speziale - IPEX
2008Mannie Withrow - President ACBOA
2008Lee Anne Doyle - Windsor Ontario
2008Rocky Cerminera - Windsor Ontario
2008Syl Allard - City of Elliot Lake
2007Keith Daw - Burlington Ontario
2007Waterloo Region Chief Building Officials Committee
2007Manitoba Building Officials Association
2007Steven Gould - Peterborough Ontario
2006Tammy Constantino - MMAH
2006Mike Rostetter
2004Vito Spatafora - Richmond Hill
2004Ali Arlani - Ministry of the Attorney General
2003Joe Shaughnessy - Unistitch


Exhibitor Special Recognition Award

(Members and Non-Members)

For exceptional contribution to the OBOA Annual Meeting and Training Sessions.

2018 Winner

Steve Favalaro, CityView Inc.

Exhibitors play a big role in delivering a rich AMTS experience for OBOA members and the construction industry. For over 8 years, staff from CityView have attended the OBOA AMTS and contributed to an environment filled with data sharing, idea generation, and collaboration that results in life-long relationships.

Presented to an AMTS Exhibitor that has, in the judgement of the Board, furthered the aims and objectives of Building Officials and the industry as a whole by furthering their knowledge base through their representation at the Annual Meeting and Training Sessions for multiple years. Thus providing industry leading manufacturers the opportunity to network and assist in providing this information to the building officials in an effort to keep up with new products, technology, building science and code changes.


2017Roxul Inc. - Trudy Puls
2017Mitek Canada Inc. - Jean-Marc Lefebvre
2017Weyerhaeuser - Steve McManus
2016Brian McBain - ULC
2016Bob Bielawski - Mainline Backflow Products
2016Marko Merhar - Boise Cascade
2015Cifford Strassburger - Polyurethane Foam Systems
2015Tammy Dockery - The Personal
2015Steven Street - Wood-Works!
2014Mike Speziale - IPEX
2014William Monaghan - Cast Iron Soil Pipe (Bibby Ste. Croix)
2014Andrew B. Cole - CUFCA
2014Frank Campacci - Durock
2014Joe Innocente - BASF
2013Keven Rector - NUDURA
2013Luis Romero - CWB Group
2013Craig Ritchie - Home Hardware
2013John Smith - Dryvit Systems Canada
2013Jason Reid - USP Structural Connectors
2012Jim Boyer - Direct IT
2012Brian Pedersen - Icynene
2012Tyler Simpson - Owens Corning
2012Richard Baumgartner - Plasti-Fab
2012Paolo Leone - Print Three
2012Richard Turpin - Techno-Metal Post
2011Unika Hypolite - UPONOR
2011Dave Roberts - TARION
2011Simpson Strong Tie - Rick Ward
2011Raj Mangat - Interactive Technical Software
2011Keith Brebner - NUCO INC


Certificate of Appreciation

For outstanding service contribution to the OBOA.


2016 Winner

Greg Trizisky,
City of Ottawa

Presented to an Individual that has, in the judgement of the Board, provided some outstanding service to the Ontario Building Officials Association.


2016Greg Trizisky - City of Ottawa
2016Norm Allen - City of Ottawa
2014Chris Peck - City of St. Thomas
2007Eastern Sense Restaurant
2007Abby Reynolds - Barrie Press
2006Mayor William Bel
2006Brian Watkinso