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Membership Administration

Manage your OBOA membership

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Welcome to the membership administration area, where you will find everything you need to manage your membership

Whether you’re looking for information on OBOA by-laws, the latest meeting minutes and administration forms or want details on joining the OBOA Board of Directors, you can find it all here.


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OBOA By-law

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The OBOA by-law sets out the rules and procedures for how our organization is governed and operated and how our day-to-day activities are managed.

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Board membership offers a high-impact and career-building way to leverage your expertise and skills. Influence the focus and direction of the OBOA and serve as an ambassador.

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Code of Conduct

We are committed to the highest standards of professional conduct. Members of the OBOA are expected to know and abide by their municipality’s code of conduct rules. Any code of conduct violations by Chief Building Officials or inspectors should be reported to their municipal employer

CBCO Designation

Designation as a Certified Building Code Official (CBCO) is voluntary enhancement to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) qualification examination requirements signifying a level of competency above the legislated baseline. To achieve CBCO designation, an OBOA member must complete prescribed minimum levels of examination, education and experience. Bill Pr40 enables the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA) to govern and discipline its members and gives the OBOA the exclusive right to the title “Certified Building Code Official” and “CBCO”.

Employer Member Payments Login

Designated Administrators that require secure individual or bulk OBOA member membership payments and more.
If you feel that your municipality can benefit from this service, contact the OBOA office to be added to the system. With our multi-payment system you can track, review previous years payments or reprint invoices in bulk for your records and more.

Event Credit and System Management

An event management tool for designated Event Coordinators of OBOA Chapters and who have partnered with OBOA. Event Coordinators plan, create and save custom events that are not cataloged by OBOA qualifying for Education Credits towards OBOA’s Certification Cycle. Group attendance is easy, send out your new events for those to request approval on their attendance with a custom email.