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I’m ready to invest in my future to achieve my goals.

OBOA Membership

I’m ready to invest in my future to achieve my goals.

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Municipal employers know and trust our designation. OBOA members are among the world’s most qualified and most sought-after build code experts and are respected across the building industry.

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Exclusive building industry- related content, expert building code advice, legislative alerts

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  • The OBOA professional network
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Applying for Membership

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Cancellation Policy

Memberships cancelled within 30 days of payment receipt will receive a refund less a $75.00 + HST administration fee. Memberships cancelled after 30 days of receiving payment are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Membership Dues

Annual membership fees are due January 1. Memberships purchased throughout the year are due in full at the time of purchase and are not pro-rated.

Member description

Students must be (a) enrolled full-time at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution in a program of study relating to building construction or (b) enrolled full-time at a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada in a program that would assist in the administration or enforcement of building standards. Student I.D is required.

Professionals who develop, administer, apply, interpret and/or enforce building code related statutes for or on behalf of a governmental or regulatory body, including one of: (a) a duly legislated municipality (including outside Canada), (b) a Government of Ontario ministry, department or agency, (c) a Government of Canada ministry, department or agency, (d) Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (or its successor).

Individuals or organizations who are professionally impacted by Building Code regulations that do not otherwise qualify for status as a Government Member.
Individuals who were Government or Associate Members for a minimum of 10 years, are at least 50 years of age and has given up employment in the building industry. Alumni receive the OBOA Journal via email (digital edition) only.

Certified Members

OBOA Certified Members (CBCO or BCQ) enjoy a special bond with their colleagues across Ontario. Certified Members are especially proud of their local OBOA chapters, each with its own character and identity.

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Certified Members help to mentor and support up-and-coming Building Officials as they learn, train, and prepare to qualify as Building Officials.

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22 Chapters Province-Wide

OBOA Certified Members (CBCO or BCQ) enjoy a special bond with their colleagues across Ontario.

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Job Board
OBOA Members get access to our Canada-wide job board, expert career tips, and hiring advice.

Find jobs you’ll love

As the most extensive program of its kind in Canada, OBOA certification defines educational and experiential excellence. Certification is commonly referenced in job descriptions and is often a requirement for recruitment by municipal building departments. OBOA members also have access to the ACBOA national certification program.

Getting Certified

The OBOA Professional Network
Enjoy opportunities to develop invaluable professional contacts in government, partner professional associations, educational institutions and more though OBOA events and activities as well as the OBOA’s national and provincial partnerships.

The OBOA Internship program is designed for qualifying Student and Associate Members. Interns complete tasks under the authority of a designated Mentor while completing training. Contact us for more details.

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The OBOA is pleased to offer a select number of bursaries annually to qualified candidates. Eligibility requirements will be reviewed on an annual or bi-annual basis as needed.

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Industry Resources
Access a world of resources and a vibrant community of Building Officials and industry professionals at our Member Hub. Get technical resources at, our industry-leading resource of Building Code information. The Journal is a vital resource for OBOA members. With each issue members will find industry and OBOA news, insights and advice on current matters, legislative action, advocacy updates, member spotlights and so much more..


Participate in legislative review committees that influence and promote building safety. Explore the CSA Communities as a whole Interact with subject matter experts, CSA Technical Committee members, and more.

Reduced Rates

$100.00 savings on OBOA professional development courses offered by the OBOA. (Chapter offerings excluded). Reduced rates for the OBOA’s Annual Meeting & Training Session.)

CPD Information

We understand that continuous professional development will become a requirement for retaining your BCIN numbers, and is already a requirement of the CBCO system. As a result, CPD information (such as courses attended and completed) will soon need to be made available to municipal employers, designer employers, other professional associations that our members belong to, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs as well as other parties who have a reasonable need to receive CPD information.

The OBOA has become a recognized source by legislators, regulators and other interested parties of authoritative information on CPD credits. Therefore, beginning in September 2018, CPDP credit data within OBOA’s database will be available by request of these parties who have a reasonable need for such information.

Please ensure that you stay current with your reporting of credits, and that you are properly scanned where technology is used to verify attendance at qualifying events, such as the AMTS training sessions and some chapter events.

If you have any questions about our handling of your personal information, please visit our privacy policy or contact us for further information.

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