Member Spotlight

Our members are proud to be a vital part of communities and the OBOA.

Creating a barrier-free Ontario

Under the OBOA's partnership with the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility, accessibility training will be developed and offered to anyone working in the building industry such as building officials, architects, engineers, architect, interior designers and builders....

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Alan Shaw, City of Sarnia

Alan Shaw, formerly Chief Building Official for the City of Sarnia, enjoys his job for the challenge and solving problems with Industry partners and construction trades.

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Mandy Tsang, City of Vaughan

Mandy Tsang is a senior Building Official for the City of Vaughan – one of Canada’s fastest-growing municipalities. Mandy loves that she can make an impact to public health and safety in her job and as a member of the OBOA.

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Adam Clarke, City of Kingston

Adam Clarke is a senior Building Official with the City of Kingston. He loves the flexibility of job and the diversity of the many different projects he manages that range from residential homes to complex buildings.

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Mike Donnelly, City of Vaughan

Mike Donnelly is a senior Building Official with the City of Vaughan, one of Canada’s fastest-growing municipalities with a strong commitment to city building including the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital – the first of its kind ‘smart hospital’. Mike loves the diversity of his community – there are over 105 different languages spoken in the City of Vaughan. He enjoys working together with a strong construction community and supportive municipal government to support safe community growth.

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Matt Farrell, Township of Huron-Kinloss

Matt Farrell, President of the OBOA and Chief Building Official for the Township of Huron-Kinloss loves that no two days are the same in his job. He enjoys working in and out of the office, together with the people of his community in this important role.

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Fritz Enzlin, Norfolk County

Norfolk County’s Chief Building Official Fritz Enzlin loves the diversity that his municipality has to offer – from commercial to residential and agricultural buildings. Hear more from Fritz on what he loves about his career as a Building Official in Norfolk County.

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Sadia Akhter, City of Toronto

Sadia works as a municipal Building Official for the City of Toronto, mainly on residential homes in Toronto where a diverse multicultural population contributes to cutting-edge construction by bringing their techniques from their home countries. She loves the new challenges she tackles every day. Her most exciting project: a few homes in North York that are incorporating commercial technology into their homes. When you enter into the house, everything is techno-based. Hear why Sadia loves her job and working at the City of Toronto.

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