Professional Development

Training, Certification and Education

Professional Development

Training, Certification and Education

Excellence in Training

Devoted to Professional Excellence

The OBOA is dedicated to excellence in professional training, learning, certification, and to developing leaders who make a difference in communities.

Training Overview

With over 4,000 students, and a history of building industry training innovation, the OBOA is a recognized leader in the professional development of Building Officials and other industry professionals who use the building code, nation-wide

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Career Path OBOA

Learn what steps you need to take to become a Building Professional.

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Building Officials Fundamentals Certificate

Our educational programs created in partnership with George Brown College, give you the essential knowledge you need to become a Building Official. The curriculum of this certificate program consists of training in both the technical and legislative aspects of the Building Code and other applicable law as well as the essential personal and communication skills required to perform the duties.

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Getting Certified

For over 25 years, the Certified Building Code Official (CBCO) designation has stood for an exceptional industry standard of knowledge and competency throughout Ontario.

CBCO Designation

Designation as a Certified Building Code Official (CBCO) is voluntary enhancement to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) qualification examination requirements signifying a level of competency above the legislated baseline. To achieve CBCO designation, an OBOA member must complete prescribed minimum levels of examination, education and experience.

BCQ Designation

When a Government Member has completed the required training, yet lacks the requisite experience component, or an Associate Member has completed the required training, the professional designation Building Code Qualified (BCQ) is available.

Your certification

Ensure you have what you need to achieve certification and avoid delays in certification approvals.

Certified Members

Explore OBOA members who have achieved CBCO or BCQ designation.

OBOA Certified Member Directory

Public Registry

OBOA Certified Members (CBCO or BCQ) enjoy a special bond with their colleagues across Ontario.

Continuing Education

Ongoing professional development is crucial to advancing the Building Official profession and Ontario’s construction industry.

Maintaining certification

Continuing Professional Development Program (CPDP)

The OBOA’s Continuing Professional Development Program (CPDP) is a requirement for certified members to maintain their designations and is rich in both technical and leadership training. We aim to cultivate well-rounded Building Officials who are technically savvy and have excellent communication and leadership skills for the construction site and within administrative settings.

Local Training

The OBOA Chapter Network

The OBOA chapter network continues to be the backbone of our association. Our 22 local chapters promote ongoing learning, continuous improvement and networking opportunities for Building Officials. Several chapters offer OBOA courses to all OBOA members, providing local training in remote geographical areas.

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The Journal is a vital resource for OBOA members. With each issue you’ll find industry and OBOA news, insights and advice on current matters, legislative action, advocacy updates, member spotlights and so much more.

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